Published November 9, 2012 by MENETTA OLAN

          This is the Time, Right?!

The University of Alaska campus expands across four time zones.  Really?   You have to be extremely brilliant to attend this school!

When I was in college it was hard-pressed to get to class on time with only one time zone.   Come on now.   We all remember what it was like to be that young right?  You know . . . taking naps in the afternoon, staying up too late, and never wanting to be on time to class.  Only people who had no social lives were on time!


My children will not ever be able to tell time right because my kitchen clock still says an hour earlier than it should.  I never changed it in the spring.  That activity would require ladder retrieval and quite possibly Aflac insurance since the time challenged clock is located in the northern hemisphere of the kitchen cathedral wall.   The good news is now it may actually be right.  Of course it will go back to wrong in the spring.  Time takes too much time.

Our stove clock is about ten minutes fast so we won’t be late for school.  The bedroom alarm clock takes a math equation to get the right time.   And lastly my bathroom clock has a dead battery and I just keep it that way to keep a visual pattern of confusion thoughout my household.   How can my children know how to tell time in our surrounding chaos?

I guess that reminds me of how I feel about raising a very young child in today’s spiritual, political, secular climate we live in right now.  So much narcism, pessimism, atheism, and lack of caring-ism around.  I feel beaten down a bit as a Christian mother and think “How are my children going to be able to discern what is right from all this frenzied mess out there today?”All the cartoon channels on television tell them its okay to talk back to adults.  The news channels maticulously pick through truths to extract tiny little tidbits to force their agenda.  World leaders represent themselves mostly as being crazy and some teachers in schools embrace every religion as long as it does not involve our Lord as Savior.  Don’t forget the special interest groups who donate little “packages” in our kids’ backpacks that promote the opposite for the idea of abstinence.

I have actually had people say to me, to my face, “Well I sure wouldn’t want to be raising a little one in our world today.”  What kind of a response am I supposed to give back to something said like that?

“You know. . . you are soooo right!  I’ll have to ship them to Mars until the world gets right again!”


My mom used to tell me that parents feel despairingly about the world in each generation.  She said that  she felt when JFK got shot that the world was coming to its end.  Parents probably felt that way during the Great Depression, Civil War, and even after the TV series “M*A*S*H” ended.

God blessed my husband and I with children and we have just kind of been winging it ever since.  God’s will be done and not our own.  Prayer, faith, effort, and lots and lots of supervision might be a route to take in this world today and hopefully our children will choose the pathway of God and our Savior Jesus Christ.

As I started to read over this draft, I remembered an omission of my jewelry drawer which I failed to confess earlier where I have have tons of watches and none of them echo the same time setting as another.   I am behind on alot of time.  Guess my priorities aren’t about keeping the right time as much as they are about keeping right what I can in my lifetime.  My clocks may all read different times just like our world has all different points of views; still, only  one right remains, one truth, one God, and only one way.


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