Published December 1, 2012 by MENETTA OLAN

My friend has a cocker spaniel who incessantly barks.  Someone at the door = bark.  Change in sitting position = bark.  First day of winter  = bark.  Give me a break! (Bark.)  So I referred the product, “Bark Off”; it had worked fine for my dog, a Jack Russel who barks if the wind blows.  I was hoping it might do nicely for my friend’s barky dog Sebastian.  I did not however, expect her quiet dog Darwin to take matters into his own hands — I mean paws.

I believe that the device emits a signal or wave of some kind that humans cannot hear but certainly Darwin and Sebastian could.  Sebastian stopped barking due to the product’s effectiveness which is great!  What is not so great  . . . Darwin grabbed the device off of the kitchen table, ran out the doggy door with it in his mouth , and buried “Bark Off” about a foot underground in my friend’s backyard.   Problem solved for both dogs.   Sebastian can continue his much loved obsession of barking at everything and Darwin didn’t have to be bothered hearing its “noise” anymore.  Guess the inventors of the contraption should have considered this possible situation arising and came up with a “Dirt Off” as a safety feature.

Have you noticed something similar becoming increasingly more prevalent as each Christmas goes by?  Do you feel that some people, some judges, some city councils, would rather bury the Nativity Scene displays in a backyard somewhere?

I can tell you in the past I myself have experienced my own spiritual Bark Off device.  I listened to a speaker at a conference with many other Christians and I came to realize that I had been doing something I shouldn’t have and God was telling me to stop.  And even though I was not alone at the conference I can tell you that if in this scenario I was Sebastian  . . . I was surrounded by those who acted like Darwin ( the dog I told you about not the over-rated scientist/theologist.)  All the Darwins wanted to bury the message from that conference somewhere in the backyard.   The information annoyed them a bit to hear and not only did they choose to bury it so they weren’t bothered but they wanted me to bury it in my backyard too.

The outside force upon Christians is HUGE today not just with agnostics, atheists, muslims, radicals or whomever . . . we also have to deal with the spiritual warfare within ourselves and the stuff that has been buried in you and your neighbors’ backyards.

 Many indifferent people would just rather the Christ part of Christmas just go away.   Do you know people around who don’t want to be bothered by spiritual “noise”?

Here is something fun to do.  If you are at a stoplight and the car next to you has every kind of peace sticker, fish with little feet stickers, co exist politically correct bumper stickers and they look over at you disgruntled while you are listening to David Jeramiah preach at that exact moment temporarily turn off the sermon and …..


Let’s see Darwin bury that noise in the backyard.


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