NO MATTER WHAT! Don’t Be a Bluebird!

Published February 23, 2013 by MENETTA OLAN

I get a lot of enjoyment out of learning about God’s wonderful creations. I often write about animals and their quirks as well as mine. There are so many fascinating facts and marvelous wonders in our world. I mean, those architects in Dubai really are making some tall buildings that are extremely impressive, but, the whole tower of Babel thing has me shy away from really tall structures and go back to admiring creatures and the awesome things that each one was created to do.

The last intriguing item that crossed my plane of interest was the bluebird. Awwww. . .a little tiny bluebird. When I think of a bluebird, I see some cute little cartoon winged birdie chirping whilst on the shoulder of someone singing “Zippee doo da!” and strolling down an animated nature walk. I can’t be alone can I? You were thinking it too weren’t you? Don’t we all associate the bluebird with sweet, adorable and undeniably cute imagery?

Imagine if the rap tap tapping bird in Edgar Allen Poe‘s poem had actually been the blue bird instead of the Raven? Naaah it wouldn’t have worked. The Raven is stereotypically thought as more sinister than some bluebird . . . or is it? Let me tell you something you might not know about the bluebird.

The bluebird can see every color but the color blue.

Isn’t that ironic? The bluebird can see every color but his own and every color but the very own color in his name. I couldn’t wait to write my column about this bizarre truth. I thought and thought to myself “how am I going to write about that for my column?”

I read scriptures, researched through subjects in my Bible index, and still . . .nothing. Nothing for me to write about the blue bird and consequently I myself was getting a bit blue out of frustration.

Night before last, I prayed to God for inspiration. Since my mother’s death I have found it a bit harder to write. Normally my mother was always the very first person to hear each and every new story I could get my pen to scribe. And I think that and the lingering grief had me distance myself away from humor, creativity, and unfortunately unknowingly from God’s peace.

The next day I awoke very early. I went to go to the bank but when I was almost there-I had forgotten my deposit. I had already promised my 3 year old in a bribe that if we went out that morning to the bank she could at least get a lollipop. Well I didn’t expect the bank drive-thru to service only the lollipop need. So I told her we would get it at the pharmacy drive-thru . . and they were out of lollipops that day.

The morning proceeded to beat up on me. My shower caddy decided to send my shelves of shampoos and soaps crashing down on me. My lunch was nuked too long and by the time I got to work I was already dangling from my last nerve.

When I began to summize at the end of the day,“Well she was really rude” or “the computer didn’t work right for me” or “my boss didn’t understand” . . .I realized I had become a bluebird. I was seeing every color except for my own.

I saw everything to be as someone else’s fault or a unique bad run of luck; everything I could see except for what I was doing myself. I was the one with the Charlie Brown pitiful attitude. Trials bestowed on me that day were not handled with character and Godliness. I was being a bluebird with sight only for viewing everyone else’s color instead of my own.

Shame on me, huh? On one end of the spectrum I have used small little unavoidable annoyances and then on the complete opposite end I have used my mourning as an excuse for not doing God’s will and not acting appropriately. I am surely not the only person in life to feel like a dark cloud is hovering above their head. Really! God had opened my eyes to see everything in every shade of every color and by doing so he enabled me to enjoy his teachings and let go of inner angst.

I’m sure that most writers go through different stages here and there with writers’ block but I seriously doubt that many writers can attribute how God made the bluebird as the reason for beginning to write again. As silly as it may seem that bluebird who is limited on his vision gives us the opportunity to see more of our own world and importantly more of our true selves.


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