Yes I Can Hear You Now

Published February 23, 2013 by MENETTA OLAN

There are a lot of technological advances that we enjoy every day. I enjoy blow drying my hair via a gun-shaped air spitting apparatus versus the old here-sit-under this-hot-bucket-thing until your hair is fried. In magazine ads for the old bucket dryers it looked quite comfortable as long as the woman had her magazine to read.

I remember before the yard blower .. .or whatever you men really call them (I try to stay out of the lawn equipment familiarity field) dare I say . . SWEEP or RAKE the grass off of the driveway!!!  I must be obsessed with air technology today. I’m so glad my siblings aren’t here or they would be happy to voice some reference to my “air” talk that would mostly include a temperature that is the opposite of cold before the word air.

Today I’d like to discuss an advance that really shouldn’t be enjoyed. Still somehow again I manage to discuss air!  Or is it radio waves in the air?  You know what I mean when I tell you my subject today is talking on cellular phones.  

Don’t get me wrong. I do appreciate the convenience of being able to call 911 whenever and wherever in case of an emergency.  I do appreciate being able to take pictures of my kids and send them to my husband while he’s at work. I certainly appreciate being able to shop and girl talk with my best friend in Texas at the same time. What I don’t appreciate is all of the information I get from complete strangers that I did not want to know.

Over all the past years that I have seen cell phone usage become much more common I can tell you honestly that I have heard anything from someone’s neighbor having a surgical procedure done that she won’t admit to all the way to another person describing a U.F.O. hovering over his house last night and that it might mean ultimately that he should call the “National Enquirer.” And on a side note. . . “they” always call the National Enquirer first. Funny how they don’t call Fox News?

I miss the old days after the era of only drug dealers using beepers then came the days of if you were important you had a beeper. Beepers could be annoying yes, but at least the person who needed to return a call from the beepee could go away . . let’s say pretty far away . . . hopefully to a place where no one else would hear their private conversation.

I like the idea of having not only my own privacy back when I am on the phone but DEFINETELY I really really must insist that I no longer suffer loud untactful strangers explicitly detailing everything everyone else around them does and how it annoys them.  Kind of sounds like me in this column now that I think about my own words here.

As a writer I am often in a mental battle within myself.  Should I let the public know from my own experience or use a hypothetical situation.   Is it okay to divulge a fault of my own or try to write the story from a different point of view. It is very difficult.   I can only hope that by God’s inspiration that at least a major part of the time what I have written was necessary and helpful for others to read.  I do not have to be involved in that same battle when it comes to my Heavenly Father.

I do not have to sort and pick through my own day or even through my past to tell God only the things that I am comfortable in telling Him during my quiet moments alone.  Why should I? He is all knowing, all hearing and He doesn’t have to have me spilling my guts out on a cellular phone publicly for that to be the case.

I suppose when I was younger at one time or another I thought I could hide stuff here and there, but since I was about 5 or so, I gained a bit more knowledge about my Father. Do I have to explain? Need I remind you, my loyal reader, what this column is all about? NO MATTER WHAT! Why would I hide something? Why would I have a spiritual God with whom I need to choose what I share or don’t share? HE LOVES ME anyway. No matter what.

I need to repent, ask forgiveness, strive for improvements, yeah. Regardless, I should share anything and everything with Him. Not just because He already knows or because He is everywhere all the time completely omnipotent, but because He loves me and understands and comforts me anyway.  It should only be scary if I don’t want to share everything good or bad with my Father. If that was how I acted then I am taking away that blood that Jesus shed for all of us . . .  Tell Him, share with Him, lean on Him, that is what being close to Him is supposed to be about.   That goes for everyone, me, you, eavesdroppers, loud speaking cell phone users, and even UFO witnesses and National Enquirer fans.


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