No Matter What! Safe but . . .CRAZED!

Published March 24, 2013 by MENETTA OLAN
tylenol bottle closeup
I’m so glad that we have such wonderfully protected safety seals on all our medications and bottled food products.   I think at one time they used to be called Children’s safety lids on your medication and they were just near impossible to take off for an adult that is.   And now we have to have the protective cap and the ultra-impenetrable seal even after you somehow miraculously manage to get the cap off.
The seal is always tough to break and you usually end up stabbing the pill bottle with some sharp steak knife to puncture through to the medicine.  At this point that pill bottle better be some stress reliever after all of the frustration you get in trying to break through the barrier of safety.  Is it really safe practice in having such protection that you have to attack the item with a knife?   Doesn’t that kind of distract from the whole safety goal once a knife has to be introduced into the picture?
I am aware that these seals and caps of mysterious glues and grooves are there for our own safety and for our protection but sometimes it feels as if its another reality tv show whereby you are given a bottle to open.  The tv show producers have made it the most difficult bottle in the world to open to increase the tension thus increase the ratings of the show.
You have to admit that you have almost gone insane yourself at one time or another trying to open a new bottle of some type.   Its as if the safety idea has turned in to a “not able to break into” idea.  That leads me to compare the idea to our everyday living.
Sometimes,  you will take a path that feels virtually impossible to journey.   Every little thing on your journey has turned into some sort of obstacle of one kind or another and nothing is simplified for you in reaching your journey’s end.  This is usually when my mind gets a chance to go through a spiritual battle.   Do I or don’t I?   Is this road unmistakably hard to go down because that is God’s way of showing me it’s the wrong choice?. . . . or is it only difficult because we are in need of improving our character?
English: Fork in the road Fork in the road tha...
Just like that bottle of pills that’s difficult to open the reason it is difficult to open is because it is protecting us from a much larger tragedy like pill tampering.    In the end the whole struggle should lead to betterment of ourselves just like taking Tylenol should better our aches and pains.
In life it can go either way and has for me.   When that road has been perilous I’ve realized much later that I shouldn’t have taken that direction for the end result that I was after was not near spiritually worthy of its conflict.    And yet other times going down bumpy roads brought me to a whole new level of faith and happiness.
So you say to me “you’re of no help ! You’re not giving me an easy answer to know which to do!”   That’s because life is not easy here on earth, it is hard.    It’s heaven that’s the easy one.    Here on earth You will have to decide at each crossing which way to go and will it be worth it in the end.   Listening to the Father instead your own logic will be your best choice for guidance.
One thing is for certain that I can assure you.  No matter what road or path you choose and no matter what troubles you endure   God is with you every time.   Whether He wanted you to take that road or not.   Whether the road was for better or worse.  No matter what, God will help you on any journey you take if you simply let him.
Well, its almost lunch time and I’m having hamburger and french fries.  No that isn’t relevant to the story except for the fact that I have a brand new bottle of ketchup and a brand new bottle of mustard to open.   Double jeopardy I’d like to call it.  To try and open both of them without severing a finger with the steak knife I’ve been forced to enlist in this battle of safe but crazy world our condiments are forced to be produced in.   And if I start now with the safety seal I might just have it accessibility to the ketchup and mustard before my burger and fries get too cold.


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