Published April 7, 2013 by MENETTA OLAN
English: Cliff Edge, Hunstanton I thought this...
The older I get the more I start to notice the little things. Maybe that’s how it is when you’re getting older, you notice things that you didn’t notice when you were in maybe your twenties. I’m not talking about wrinkles either ladies! Although it is true that I didn’t notice wrinkles at all in my twenties and yes I certainly do notice them now; but, I certainly couldn’t refer to wrinkles as little things that I enjoy noticing. I would like to refer to more pleasurable things to notice such as a sunset, a rainbow, a child playing, things more along that line.
Yesterday morning on my way to work the sun was at just the right angle in the sky so that as the daylight started to strike the earth’s canvas along every street corner the sun cast a shadow for all the street signs on each corner. The shadow that the sun created upon each lawn was a perfect shadow of a cross. “Hmmm. . Look at that!” I thought. I had never noticed that before. I’m sure that I have been driving to work before at this same time down these same streets, yet, I don’t remember seeing such an anomaly. I had to look again and again and every time with each shadow I saw by my own amazement perfect lines and shapes majestically completing the symbol of a cross. I mentioned to God how cool it was and I got the feeling that God was to say back to me, “Ah it’s nothing, I do much more than that all the time.”
God, the Father watches us all everywhere.
Good point, God! He does so many things at so many times and yet they go unnoticed and unappreciated. When I got to work I started to glance through my prayer journal we keep to write down prayer requests. Our prayer requests range anywhere from people we know, customers, or even people we just see pass by our windows that look like they need some help. As I looked further and further back in the prayer journal, I saw prayer requests that troubled certain loved ones so much.  Now those requests were old news. God had already taken care of those requests either right at that moment or much later. Either way each prayer request from the past had been addressed in some fashion by our Heavenly Father. They had been granted in God’s way or in his own timing and we hadn’t even noticed. Our prayer request originally had been so important and yet it was so unimportant and unnoticed later when we received his help. Maybe it was because we had just moved on to our next problem or predicament without even stopping to thank God for getting us out of the first situation. We all seem to jump from request to request, problem to problem, catastrophe to catastrophe, as if that isn’t what life is about. Of course that is what life is going to be like here on earth but it’s what we make of that in between that shows our character. Do we thank God and count our blessings or just start dwelling on what’s next down that rocky road we call living?
As time goes by and more wrinkles leap out like neon signs when I gaze into the mirror, I hope that I learn to be grateful to God for helping me through the struggles that created each “worry” line drawn into my older face. No matter what request and no matter whether we  remember to notice his help or not God still loves us and answers us.  It may be answered in the wind, in a sunset, or on a front lawn from a dawn’s shadow, but he is there for us at all times and for that we will be eternally grateful.

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