The Trigger Man

Published April 7, 2013 by MENETTA OLAN




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My husband is so smart it’s shameful.   Not shameful that he’s so smart but then again he married me.   I mean shameful as in I’m a little envious.   The other day I was trying to clean our bathroom.  I use those bathroom cleaners that spray.   Well they are supposed to spray but somehow they refuse to once my fingers are on the trigger.  Just like those automatic doors who seem to sense other people and open right up, except for me though.  I guess I’m senseless.




The last few times that I had tried cleaning (now that I think about it) the cleaner sprayers weren’t working then either.   The more I recall I believe that I have even bought new cleaner bottles before others were empty merely because the sprayers had gone on some strike.  I’d like to think that my strong and used to cleaning “oh poor me” hands had actually broken each sprayer but I doubt that was the case especially since I don’t have the strength to open a Gatorade.




So there I am talking to the sprayer in what I would describe as an intimidating and forceful manner when my brilliant and wonderful husband comes in and says, “Here, . . .you just pull back the trigger just half way a few times with the bottle upright then it will start working again.”  Unbeknownst to him, my eyes made a good roll through the back of my skull and I thought, “What is he talking about?   He used to live on Hot Pockets before he met me!  I’m sure I must have already done that with all the times I have squeezed this contraption!!”




Nonetheless, he was right.  Just as smoothly and beautifully as you could imagine the sprayer started squirting all over the sink.  It was if the bottle had come alive and said “Oh yes!   Now I’ll perform my cleaning master!”   And as I tell you how smart my husband is I can go ahead to where you figured out if I had been smarter I could have had my husband cleaning the bathroom himself by saying . . .




Cinderella - Prince Charming & Cinderella




This is a minute example of using God in our daily lives.  We all have things we need to get done and we all keep squeezing the trigger and squeezing and squeezing.  Sometimes we throw away what doesn’t work and replace it with something new but ultimately we come back to that same stop.  We’re back to doing just what won’t work.




I have to think that God is up there watching us patiently and grinning I’m sure until we start listening to him.   Then we realize, that he has his own quick and simple way to help us get the job done.  If we had only listened or watched his signs we could have saved our own time, money, and nerves.  It is so funny to me how we all may think it’s silly to ask God for help for small tasks such as spray cleaning.   But the way I see it if he has all the hairs on my head numbered before I was even born then he has no problem with helping me with the tiniest details.


 In fact, God’s is in all the details.

The Creation of the Animals Fresco Loggia on t...

Look at this way, he is the creator of details.  Why is it that I overlook that so often in my daily duties?  When my two year old won’t eat anything.  Or when my 10 year old seems to want to eat everything. . .  I tend to sigh, or complain, or get frustrated with those small everyday (and feels like every minute problems.)  I completely leave God out of it.   I have no good reason for my foolishness and looking back now it’s pretty ironic that I am not looking for to God for help on these small problems when God has blessed me with them.




God knew before my daughter was born that she would be a picky eater and it would test my patience and he knew that my stepson would test my fridgerator by the constant invasions.  God also knew that if I hadn’t married my husband that I may have never come across the secret to trigger sprayers!   I would have never written this silly well-meant column.  And yes, my husband would still be living on Hot Pockets.    It all just seems to add up when you keep God in all the equations.   No matter what. . .  everything (including spray cleaners)only seems to work when you let go and let God.





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