Ice Cream ! Don’t get your Ice Cream here!

I know there is something going on.  I can feel it and I’m not being paranoid.  I know that men get together in some organized secret meeting and decide what crazy things they can do to leave women going, “Ummm, why would he do that?’

How about leaving two swallows left in the milk jug?   Or leaving crumbs of your favorite cereal but putting the box right back up in the pantry as if it is still available for partaking?  My favorite is  . . .two bites of ice cream left in the ice cream carton.   UGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

This, ice cream thing, that one in itself pushes craziness to a whole new level.    (I’m excluding you ladies of course when I ask).  Could you possibly be so full of that particular ice cream that it seemed feasible to leave the last two spoonfuls of it?   I hardly think so.   My husband could finish off a five gallon vat of ice cream.

Here is what is really going on in this picture.   If I get the ice cream carton out and eat only two bites I’m naturally not going to be satisfied and I’m not going to run to the store for that moment of weakness.  It was okay to do it while I was pregnant but now it would just be embaressing.   With ice cream as well as other temptuous treats two bites are never enough.  And, if I don’t even see it then I don’t really worry about having the ice cream.   “There’s none there . . . move along,” I would say to myself.

At first, I denied the idea that I would lose control with temptation; I can see and be unchanged and unmoved.   Boy, mark that down as another one on the score board for God.

God 1,999,999,999,999,999 times right

Wendydawn – 0.

If I allowed myself just those couple of bites left of ice cream it would not be enough.   Even the sight of it would be stuck in my head along with 3,000 other useless things I can remember but will never need to use.  Most of them are song  lyrics or ways to make a Christmas tree out of paper clips.   If I should ever see a huge contest that involves karaoke singing while paper clip crafting, I’m there!

What is really wonderful about learning, failing, trying, getting by, is no matter what God still loves me.   If I do decide to walk through that door of temptation, or run through it or peek my head around it, he loves me.    No matter what he patiently awaits for me stop making bad choices and avoid temptations more on my own.  Note:  I said patiently awaits . . .I’m a work in progress.

This story gives my husband an excuse to get away with the leave-a-tiny-bit-and-put-it-back-in-the-fridge thing.  I hope that none of you men take any offense.   I always try to make more fun of myself than anyone else.  It comes easy for me to make fun of myself.  Now that I think about it . . . it comes easy for others to make fun of me too.   Sorry . . . move along.   I herewith proclaim that I shall continue to strive in making wiser choices with God’s guidance (can we exclude Haagen Dazs?)   A much more Godly goal then striving to be America‘s  first Karaoke/Paperclip Crafter Champion.


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