OUR WORLD TODAY . . . being a good Christian in some bad times.

Don’t See Me!

When my daughter was younger she did so many cute things I completely lost track of writing them down in the journal that I began before she was even born.   I was naive to think that I would have time as a mother to keep the journal up to date and filled with every single action or statement that she did or said.  


One of my many favorites is her way of trying to hide her mischievous actions.   She must have been barely 3 years old the first time I heard her try to pull the wool over her mama’s eyes.   She did this a few times so it is hard for me to remember exactly which “no no” she was committing at that very specific moment.  

I just recall her saying to me . . .

“Don’t see me!”  She says.  Naturally as a mother my eyes widened immediately and sheer panic flowed like the blood in my veins

as I feared what a 3 year old wouldn’t want her mother to see.  Did she go potty in the houseplant?  Did she create the atom bomb with my old makeup products I let her use?  Was she about to eat a lizard?  


 I turned towards her to find that she had started to put stickers on our digital piano wood-grained console. 

Not so good, but at least this act wouldn’t erupt into any large explosions.

“Don’t see me.”  She said to me again now knowing that I was going to see her and her demonstration of disobedience.  And yet, she wasn’t old enough to realize that telling me not to see would not have the result she desired.   It’s kind of along the same lines as a little child who will play hide and seek with you.   When they hide they don’t really hide behind or under any structure or piece of furniture they just go a few feet away from the original starting point, close THEIR eyes, and imagine that if they can’t see you then you must not see them.   Cute, right?

stock photo : Little girl with her hands covering her eyes, see no evil

As the months passed, I learned to control my blood pressure and my heart rate during each “Don’t see me” episode.   Sometimes, it was only her deciding to form a long line of dog food that connected the main living room to her bedroom . . . piece by Kibbles and Bits piece.  (At least clean up for that one was fairly easy – the dog was eager to help!)  At other times it would be ball point ink pen drawings all over her baby doll that just so happened to have the rubbery skin – not the slick plastic kind – so that after the doll’s bic pen makeover my daughter gave her, the baby looked like something that crawled out of a tattoo parlor baby daycare.

 “Don’t see me” can be quite a clever concept.  I’m not just saying that because my daughter was the inventor either . . .all I am saying is that brilliant deception equals the trickery of not being seen in the act or vice versa not allowing the act of sin to be seen.

 Look around the world today.   You will see a GREAT deal of “Don’t see me” going on.  First you have the mainstream media not mentioning much less showing acts being committed by powerful leaders in our world.   Second, you have enormous influential people swinging around their celebrity weight, or their charismatic authority, or their self-righteous self-proclaimed rightfulness making sure to cripple and dominate those who listen or watch them or read about them.   And lastly but still the root of all evil. . . you have the devil trying to convince everyone out there that he doesn’t even exist.   Yeah,  he does.  

 “Don’t see me,” Take away rights of Christians and enable those who promote hatred and racism.   “Don’t see me,”  Protect those dishonorable figures who don’t deserve any help and then not protect those who serve our country with true honor and dignity.   “Don’t see me,”  waste money and time and energy and propaganda outlets so that “Occupy” demonstrators can violate, pillage, mooch, vandalize, and do drugs and get away with it because of Freedom of Speech that many people paid with their own lives for so that it was a right for good and truth instead of an excuse of angry, jealous, and bitterly useless immature Godless noise.

How is this world we live in spinning around and around with such senselessness, such animosity, such chaos?   “Don’t see me.”   It works very well with the indifferent, the faint of heart, the “let it slide – it’s not that big a deal” people.  The on the fence, maybe there is a God – I’m not quite sure, I need proof to believe in God, make sure you don’t offend anybody  . . . people. 

Hello!?!  At some point when are people going to realize that the wool has been pulled over our eyes for so long now that all of our core values have been suffocated and snuffed out of existence?   Be the adult here . . . be the vigilant,  be the conquerors that God created us to be!  Let’s not let evil hide sin from us and get away with it.  

 Just as I did not close my eyes to my daughter’s attempt of deception  . . . neither should any of us stand aside and ignore what is taking place in front of our eyes, what is happening to our schools, what is happening to our states, what is happening in our country and what is happening in our world.

As I finished this column this morning my husband and my little girl were trying out her new microscope that she received for Christmas.  “It’s not working.  You can’t really see anything.”  My husband told me.   And I thought to myself if we don’t see things the way they are now in our world then how are we going to be able to see them when things are completely out of our sight?   If we don’t listen to the Holy Spirit now and do what is right when it is child’s play then how will it be when the master of deceit has more foothold?    See it all.   It is all there.   Good and the bad.   Let’s get back to the basics of love, life, and God.




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