OUR WORLD TODAY . . . Being a good Christian in bad times

It Is What It Is? I Don’t Think So.

I’m afraid I’m going to show off a bit of ignorance today. It wouldn’t be the first time I have confessed to limited intelligence. I simply find it amazing if you want to hang a huge round clock on the wall,

Clock on Wall

 you have to first put a little nail in the wall, and find the tiny miniscule if you will hole hook in the back of the heavy clock to hang it. An enormous round clock outfitted on the backside with a microscopic hole. Isn’t that weird? I’m sure that if I were more scientific I could explain to you “per square inch of mass you only need a small amount of force to withstand said object on said wall.” Nevertheless, you have to admit it can be very trying especially for me.

Inadequate Equipment: Usually I’m situated on a kitchen chair becau

se the ladder is just too much trouble to get out just to hang a silly clock. I mean this should only take a couple of seconds right? Yeah right! Then after I climb up on the chair I tap in a nail with a big head thinking that will only make the hooking on the back of the clock much easier. Unfortunately, as I lift the heavy timepiece up to hang it on my big penny head nail I realize that my little plan has backfired. Not only is the hole in the back of the clock impossible to find once it’s facing the wall away from you but it is also impossible to hook easy-to-hammer nails since they made the hole too small for good size headed nails. So. . . I put the clock down, get down off the chair, pick a smaller nail, hammer it into the wall again, and lift the timepiece up again. I forcibly do that wiggle waggle thing where you shimmy the clock all around hoping to miraculously achieve the hook. That dinky little hole will not create some sort of black hole

Rotating Black Hole

vacuum and suck up the practically unnoticeable nail head. Do you see what I am getting at? This could go on for hours!

Blind: How are you supposed to be able to hook something into a tiny hole by some stud device in the wall when you can’t even see it? The clock is staring at you and the back of the clock is facing the wall. The back of the clock is where the hanger for it is?!! My eyes aren’t on the wall being eclipsed by this large ticking object. They are in my head (contrary to my brain at the moment.) How are you supposed to see the line up of positive and negative here when you are going at it


blind? If I had a pet chameleon I guess I could plant him on the wall itself next to my target hanging spot and ask him to be the lookout between the wall and the clock for proper and more convenient clock navigation. I could give him those glow in the dark sticks that runway workers use to direct planes into their gates. Of course how would he hold on to the wall if his little hands were holding glow sticks? Geesh, I’m meandering again. I don’t have a pet chameleon. Shouldn’t there be a marker on the outside of the clock; a small insignificant little arrow that can guide from the other side to lock it in place with the nail so that you don’t get your wall paint all scratched up searching infinitesimally for the nail that you can’t even see? We have cameras installed in SUVs so that you see what you can’t see when you back up yet we can’t manage to put little guide line indicator on clocks or picture frames or decorations to save us a whole bunch of time and frustration?? What century are we living in anyway?

My friends would say, “It is what it is.” What? Does anyone like that saying ‘cause I (no offense to my friends) really don’t. My daughter would say “Too bad so sad, sorry you aren’t glad.” It’s shameful that no one has approached this globally encroaching clock disorder!!! All you can say in response: “It is what it is?” That cliché’ says to me . . . umm tough luck, nothing you can do about it, give up while you still can, stop whining about it, and like it or not! Uuuickk! I don’t like that attitude. It just feels “hopeless.” As if I should just accept things the way they are not try and change, improve, and especially contradict them. Where is the passion in compassion? Where’s the “I” in DRIVE?! Where the chocolate?!!! Oops; sorry, I rather slipped off the track with that last one there but you get my drift don’t you?

Inadequate Equipment: Got me thinking about the mood some of us Christians may have got into say in the last couple of months. We may not have the leadership that we would prefer in our country today, we may not have the Bible in schools, and we certainly don’t have some sort of job-producing machine helping out the unemployed or the economy; but it doesn’t have to be that way right? It isn’t what it is? Not quite; conversely, let’s review these ideas.

Six years ago when we were told my husband and I would be bringing a baby girl into this world, I had no idea I would have to worry about kids

Baby Girl

toting guns, short shorts, liberal lizards, poopy talk, bullies, or “Modern Families.” Yikes! Now I get more understanding into the home school idea. At least you can somewhat control the elements in and around your home when you school inside of it. At least you don’t have to worry about pushing and shoving from kids that you cannot discipline. I mean, if they are your own kids, I think that solves the corporal punishment issue. No debating in my house.

Six years came and went and where some us are now is not exactly what we hoped. The people in our city, state, and country may not connect with the same core values, the same motives, and certainly not the same patriotism. What am I saying? Same patriotism? Correction . . . do they even have patriotic tendencies? It doesn’t have to be what it is does it? Tell me it isn’t so? Let us not take everything with an automatic approval stamped on it. “We the People” hellooooo. We are not BLIND to the problems going on around us. I feel like we are in some “Twilight Zone” loop. We barely balance on some kitchen chair, up on tiptoes, arms reached out as high as they will reach, maneuver our heavy clock scraping the living room wall in the slightest chance we’ll get lucky. Trying to line everything up perfectly but going about it blind and with the wrong equipment. In addition, we honestly know that at any moment the exact opposite can happen. Complete catastrophic disaster: falling off the chair, onto the floor, big heavy clock falling down and cracking open your skull along side your broken ankles, etc . . . See. Odds are stacked against us. You either get that clock on the wall just right with the right equipment and foreseeing through to completion or you fall and everything in the world is more broken. Let us not forget we do have a guide line. It is Christ, Jesus and he does that Savior thing on a daily basis. He may have those glowing runway sticks waving them like crazy to guide us to just move, do something, follow his lead and not those who do not see or listen to him.

I remember seeing in some art magazine how this new interior decorator had started a trend a few years ago of standing big mirrors,

Self Portrait

large framed pictures, and even some clocks on the floor or ledges so that they merely LEEEEAAANN up against the wall. Yeah right! This was not creative imagination at work it was short-people desperation at work. That decorator just got tired of trying to hang them all on the wall. Moreover, so am I! It is what it is. You decide.


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